Emenegger Stone

This page is devoted exclusively to Emenaker, Emmenegger, Emenecker (and similar 4 syllable Soundex Code E552) surnames.If you are researching any of these names, or an alternate spelling, I hope that you will contact me.

My ancestor is Peter Emenaker who died in Dearborn County, Indiana in 1883. Family history and census records indicate that he was born in Switzerland. In his will, his name was spelled both as Emenegger and Emenaker. His wife's tombstone, shown in the photo above, has the name as Emenegger. His stone is not readable. They are buried at St. Martin's Cemetery, Yorkville, Indiana. The photo was taken in 1981 by Kathy J. Emenaker. Visit Kathy's Emenaker Family for MORE genealogy surnames and links!

historyThe following history of the name EMMENEGGER was contributed by Prof. Franzpeter Emmenegger of Fribourg, Switzerland.

On your map of Switzerland you will find two rivers called "Emme", sometimes distinguished by the "Grosse Emme" and "Kleine Emme" (= large and small "Emme"). Both rivers have their origin on the "Napf" mountain. The "Grosse Emme" merges with the river "Aare" in the Canton of Bern while the "Kleine Emme" flows into the river "Reuss" a few miles below the town of "Luzern", in a town called "Emmenbrücke" (= bridge over the Emme). "Egg" is another word for mountain/hill or part of it, often of a particular shape. "Egge" means "corner" in the local dialect (="Ecke" in high german). The "Emmenegger" are the people from the "Emmenegg" which is a hill above the river Emme and also the name of a farm on the side of this hill. It is part of the community of "Schüpfheim" which you will find on your map following the "Kleine Emme" upstream from "Emmenbrücke" for approximately thirty miles. This farm is the ONLY origin of the name Emmenegger. The original farm does not exist anymore. It was burried in a land slide early in this century but it has been rebuilt a few hundred yards from its original site.

American Immigrants:

In our search to find family, immigration and/or naturalization documents, we usually find information on other persons with similar surnames. We want to make this material available to others, as well as provide a place for you to do the same. On this page, persons will be indexed by their given, or first name. If there is more than one entry for the given name, the entries will be in order of the date of the event.
ACPL = Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana

U.S. Federal Census Listings

1900 Ohio Soundex (county, twp, ED, sheet)
Andrew Emenegger, Hancock, Findlay (city), 60,5
Chas. H. Emenegger, Sandusky, Madison
Emma Emmenecker, Hancock, Findlay (city), 59,3
Henry Emenegger, Hancock, Findlay (city), 56,7
Jesse Emmenegger, Crawford, Galion, 13,13
Joseph Emmenecker, Lucas, Toledo, 31,11
Joseph Emanicer, Crawford, Polk, 22,4
Joseph Emenegger, Hancock, Findlay, 54,8
Mary Emenegger, Hancock, Findlay, 54,8
Mathias Emenecker, Montgomery, Jefferson, 90,17
Minnie Emenegger, Hancock, Findlay, 57,2

1910 Ohio Miracode (County, twp, ED, family #)
Carl Emmenegger, Franklin, Columbus, 33, 71
Charles Emeneyger, Lucas, Toledo, 144, 256
Densy Emeneger, Hancock, Findlay (city), 76, 94
Ermah Emenegger, Hancock, Findlay (city), 75, 372
Frank Emenaker, Butler, Hamilton, 8, 410
Henry Emmenigger, Montgomery, Dayton 123, 276
Herman Emnenezzer, Belmont,,169, 229
Jesse S. Emmenegger, Crawford, Galion, 19, 42
Joseph Emensker, Butler, Hamilton, 9, 418
Joe Emmenegger, Crawford, Galion, 19,1
Joseph Emmenecker, Lucas, Toledo, 46, 173
Minnie Emenegger, Hancock, Findlay (city), 73,70
William Emenegger, Hancock, Findlay (city), 75, 372

1910 Michigan (County, twp, ED, family #)
Ruth L. Enemuger (age 16), Kent, Gr. Rapids, 69, 91

1920 Michigan Soundex (County, twp, ED, sheet #)
Emal Emmenegger (age 34), Ottawa, Grand Haven (city), 126, 1
Mary C. Emenaker (age 33, widow), Berrien, Benton Harbor, 71, 13

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