KOCH Surname _ Dearborn Co, IN and Hamilton Co, OH _ 1800's

This page is intended as a repository for information gathered on the KOCH surname in Dearborn and neighboring counties in Indiana and Hamilton County, Ohio. E-mail comments and/or contributions to nmyers

Portion of page from 1846 Cinc Directoy showing Maria Koch

The following list is from the 1846 Cincinnati, Ohio Directory, Allen Co. Public Lib. microfilm:

Koch Adam, moulder, W s Clay, bet 13th and Allison
Koch Bernhard, carp, N s Broadway, ab Lebanon Road
Koch Charles, meat store, N E cor Elm and 14th
Koch Charles F. butcher, E s Deer Creek, ab E Court
Koch Mrs. Charles, midwife, S s 12th, bet Walnut and Vine
Koch Henry, lab, S s Woodward, bet Sycamore and Broadway
Koch Henry, lab, S s Cherry al, bet Race and Elm
Koch Henry, porter, N s 2d, bet Vine and Race
Koch H. & J tailors, E s Walnut, bet 4th and 5th
Koch Johannes, moulder, E s Clay, bet 13th and Allison
Koch John, lab N s Woodward, bet Sycamore and Broadway
Koch Joseph, cooper, N s Woodward, bet Sycamore and Broadway
Koch Maria C., S s 12th, bet Elm and Plum
Koch Nicholas, lab, W s Bremen, bet 14th and 15th
Koch William, lab, S s Cherry al, bet Race and Elm
Kochler Phillip, grocer, N E cor Race and 15th

WILLS filed with Probate Court of Hamilton County, Ohio 1791-1901

First name in line is the testator. Last name(s) in line are the executors. Dates are month-day-year filed.

Anna G. Cook, Cincinnati, 3-17-1896, Charles Cassilly Cook
Anthony Cook, Cincinnati, 2-25-1898, George Cook
Anthony L. Cook, Millcreek Twp., 9-24-1867, Adam Riddle, Franklin Whetstone
Bernard Herman Koch, Cincinnati, 1-16-1878, Anna Catharina Koch
Catherina Koch, Cincinnati, 9-17-1897, August Drach
Catherine M. Cook, Cincinnati, 6-28-1899, Kate W. Campbell, Euretta G. Cook, Sallie L. Cook
Edward Kockat, Hamilton County 9-1-1881, Ida Kockat
Eliza Cook, Hamilton County, 8-5-1897, Ella Cook
Emma A. Cook, Cincinnati, 2-4-1895, not given
Emma Koch, see Herman Koch
Ernst Koch, Cincinnati, 10-14-1891, Magdalena Koch
Frank Henry Koch (Cook), Cincinnati, 10-15-1880, Louisa Koch
George Cook, Hamilton County, 1-15-1840, Daniel Lake, Brown Comstock
George H. Kochems (Kochemas), Madison, IN, 5-6-1886, William L. Davidson
Gerhard Kock, Cincinnait, 5-9-1895, Elizabeth Kock
Heinrich Koch, Cincinnati, 3-7-1894, Rev. Edward Voss
Henry William Koch, Cincinnati, 6-18-1898, Henry Koch
Herman Koch (joint will with Emma Koch), Cincinnati, 8-11-1900, not given
Hugh Cook, Cincinnati, 4-29-1887, Thomas McNeil, Theadore Cox
J. Henry Kock, Cincinnati, 12-16-1884, Eliza Kock
Jacob Koch, Hamilton County, 5-2-1892, Elizabeth Koch
Johann Baptist Koch, Cincinnati, 1-28-1886, Magdalena Koch
Johann Gerhard Kock, Cincinnati, 10-27-1898, Maria Anna Kock
John A. Koch, Hamilton County 8-23-1897, Elizabeth Koch
John B. Cook, Cincinnati, 6-15-1896, Maria Elizabeth Cook
John D. Koch, Cincinnati, 6-15-1897, Amalia L. Koch, Gustave J. Koch, August W. Koch
John Fred Koch, Cincinnati, 5-2-1899, Mary Elizabeth Koch
John Koch, Cincinnati, 8-22-1890, Dora Koch
John Koch, Hamilton County, 5-7-1894, Elizabeth Koch
Joseph L. Kochman, Cincinnati, 11-9-1894, Dorethia Kochman
Lena Kocher, Hamilton County, 6-16-1896, Edward C. Herman
Louis Koch, Cincinnati, 2-25-1873, Christina Koch
Louisa Koch, Cincinnati, 12-2-1882, William Koch
Magdalena Koch, Cincinnati, 8-24-1883, Henry Schwarz
Magdalena Kocher, Delhi Twp., 6-24-1895, S.S. Overholt
Marcus Koch, Cincinnati, 9-20-1898, Samuel Koch, Julius Koch
Mary Louisa Cooke, Norfolk, VA, 10-11-1882, Merritt Cooke, A. Mason Cooke, R.A. Dobie, H.A. Ramsay
Melchior Koch, Cincinnati, 10-24-1894, Maria Koch
Peter Koch, Cincinnati, 4-8-1885, Ernst Koch
Philomena Koch, Cincinnati, 11-10-1888, Herman Withare
William Cook, Delhi Twp., 4-19-1850, not given
William Kochs, Cincinnati, 8-16-1850, Herman Timmermann


Augustus A. KOCH - (1869-1912) Kentucky married Mary Francis RICHARD. One son, Lee KOCH. Sandchad@aol.com

Benedicta Koch married Jacob Hoffmeier, 1853 in St. Philomena Catholic Church, Cincinnati nmyers

Eva Elisabeth Cook/Koch - b. 1842 Cincinnati. Married Theobold STARK in 1865 in Lanesville, IN. Believe her mother was Elizabeth and sister Sarah. buehlerd@digital.net

Jacob Koch/Cook married Theresia Heidel on Jun 21, 1857 in St. John the Baptist Church, Cincinnati bdemo@aol.com

Jacob KOCH - b. 1790, Berks Co., PA died in Ross Co., Ohio. Married Mary Ann HISLER. Believed son of Christian KOCH. maybpaul@mail.bright.net

Johan KOCH - b. 1811 Germany, d. 1890 Floyd Co., Ohio. Married first to Margaretha MUTH, married second to Rosina MEYER in 1842 at Heilige Dreienigkeit Catholic Church in Cincinnati. Children: Barbara, George, Mary, John, Fred, Theresa, Catherine, Rosia, Adam Katherina, Frank, Henry. The family was in Cincinnati 1840 & 1850 census and moved to Clark Co., Indiana in 1857. kkoch@venus.net

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