McConnell _ Elkhart and neighboring counties, Indiana _ 1800's

Wilson McConnell - notice of estate sale from the Goshen Democrat July 17, 1845:
Administrator's Sale.

The Personal property of the estate of Wilson McConnell, late of Elkhart county, deceased, will be sold to the highest bidder at his late residence in clinton Township on Friday the 8th day of August next, at 10 o'clock A.M. consisting of cattle, farming utensils, house hold furniture, growing crops, &c. &c., A credit of one year, on all sums over three dollars upon notes being given with good security.

July 12, 1845

The following marriage accounts are from the Elkhart County Historical Society card catalog of Goshen newspapers 1837-1852. Dates are mo-da-year (inst = this month; ult = prior month)

From the History of Elkhart County published in 1881:
Miss Martha McConnell married Stephen B. Smith p. 719.
Murray McConnell died Oct. 1861 in the Civil War, p. 541.

1830 Federal Census, Elkhart County, Indiana:
Wilson McConnell - Goshen, In p.848
1 (5-10 years old) male
2 (10-15) male
1 (15-20) male
1 (40-50) male
1 (15-20) female
2 (20-30) female
1 (40-50) female

From History of Elkhart Co, IN 1881 publisher Chas. C. Chapman & Co. p 692:
In August 1836, on the first Monday, the first election in Clinton Township, Elkhart County, Indiana was held. Among the 18 voters were Wm. Pearman, Wilson McConnell, and Samuel Thomas. Wilson McConnell was on the board of trustees, as well as the Justice of the Peace.

1840 Federal Census, Elkhart County, Indiana:
William McConnell - family of 2
Wilson McConnell - family of 5 - Clinton Township

1850 Federal Census, Elkhart County, Indiana:

Family # 974, Middlebury Twp:
Isabelle (maiden name McConnell) age 37, born in OH, wife of Samuel Modie, 7 children

Family #1026, Middlebury Twp:
William McConnell, age 35, farmer, born in OH, wife Abigail and 3 children

Family #1027, Middlebury Twp:
Mary McConnell, age 71, born in Ireland
Maria McConnell, age 54, born in PA
James McConnell, age 28, laborer, born in OH

Family #1041, Middlebury Twp:
William McConnell, age 29, blacksmith, born in OH, wife Margaret and 3 children

Family #1362, Clinton Twp:
Martha (maiden name McConnell) age 36, born in OH, wife of Stephen B. Smith, 1 son

Family #1401, Clinton Twp:
Margaret (maiden name McConnell) age 20, born in OH, wife of Elkanah P. Thomas
(In 1860, this family is in Scott Twp., Kosciusko County, IN, p.14.)

Family #1433, Clinton Twp:
James B. McConnell, age 49, farmer, born in VA, wife Mary and 6 children
(By 1860, James and most of his children had moved to Jackson Twp, Shelby County, Iowa)

1860 Federal Census, Elkhart County, Indiana:
James McConnell, age 39, born in OH, wife Christina, Middlebury Twp, page 215
Mary McConnell, age 15, born in IN, doing housework, in McCoy household, Middlebury Twp, page 230
William McConnell, age 47, Middlebury Twp, page 231 (same as family #1026 in 1850 census)
Mariah McConnell, age 56, born in OH, doing housework, in William McConnell household

McConnell land transactions in Kosciusko County, Indiana
Books 13-25 (Dec 1853-May 1865)

Rebecca McConnell, Mar 29, 1855
John McConnell and his wife Sarah sold to Antipas Thomas, July 30, 1855
William McConnell from Nathan and Mary Warren, all of Wayne Co., Ohio, May 15, 1855
William and Sarah McConnell of Wayne Co., Ohio to James McConnell of Kosciusko Co., May 15, 1855
Joseph and Rebecca McConnell to Peter Runyon, Dec 3, 1855
Rebecca and Joseph McConnell to Charles Chapman, 1856
Adam McConnell to Mary Fawley (formerly McConnell), Mar 5, 1857
James and Elizabeth McConnell to David Teters, April 1857
Malissa McConnell, 1862

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