Some Indiana Genealogy - Warsaw Residents 1888-1889

The following names were extracted from the Warsaw City Directory 1888-1889 pages 56-71(James to Nye).
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Burkett, Big Drug Store
DeVos, Photographer
Edgington Wm, barber Moore & Edgington
Eichar John A., agent for Jackson Ventilating Grate
Hetrick Frank, agent Masonic Mutual Benefit Association
James Franklin P
James Henry
James Wm H
Jaques Ed G
Jaques Oliver P
Jaques William F
Jeffries Leander
Jerman Daniel
Jerman Lewis H
Johnson Andrew
Johnson Chas E
Johnson Doc
Johnson Jacob R
Johnson James
Johnson Mahlon
Johnson Mary (widow)
Johnson Miss Johanna
Johnson Miss Lizzie M
Johnson Thomas M
Johnson W J
Jolliff Fletcher
Jones Amberson
Jordan George H
Julian N A (widow)
Jung Sing, Chinese laundry
Justus William
Karst Frederic
Karst Miss Dora
Karst Miss Mary
Keefer Miss Alice
Kegg Horace
Kegg Nancy
Kehler Amos
Kehler Franklin C
Kehler Geo A
Kehler Miss Mollie
Kelley Chas
Kellogg G J
Kelly Mrs Delphena
Kelly P J
Kemm Henry
Kern Eliza (widow Jerome)
Kern George
Kern Jerome
Kern Jerome F
Kern John L
Kern Joseph B
Kern Miss Idella
Kern Miss Ora
Kern William
Kerns Miss Lulu
Killinger Casandra (widow John)
Kilmer George W
King Miss Edith
Kingery Hugh
Kirkendall Wm V
Kirtley W J
Kirtley Will
Kist A T S
Kist Miss Mellie
Kist Miss Sallie
Kist Nancy (widow John)
Knowles C C
Kob John D
Koser Aaron
Kraus Philip
Krause Felix
Krause J (widow John)
Kuder Jerry
Kuder Mrs Elenor
Kurtz Miss Lidia
Kurtz Miss Mary
Kurtz Rosana (widow Caleb)
Kutz J D
Lacy Lucy (widow Charles)
Ladd Wm H
Lamar Chas A
Lane Miss Annie
Lane Miss Effie E
Lane Nellie (widow John)
Lane Schuyler C
Lange Herman
Lange Miss Della
Lange Miss Julia
Lange Miss Lottie
Lange Miss Mary
Large James
Lash Geo E
Lathrope Harry
Lathrope John
Lathrope Lewis
Lathrope Miss Emma C
Laucher Miss Mollie E
Lawrence Edward
Leamon Amos F
Leamon James M
Lee Miss Charlotte
Leedy John B
Lees James
Lefever Eli
LeHew Miss Alma P
LeHew Thomas M
Leighton Miss Katie
Leighton Miss Lizzie
Leighton Timothy
Leighty D H
Leighty Samuel
Lemler Miss Matilda C
Lesh G B
Lesh Harry
Lesh Lewis B
Lesh Miss Gracie
Leslie Jacob I
Light Miss Luella
Lightfoot Miss Mary
Lion Store
Lock Miss Katie
Lock Samuel
Lockwood Harry H
Lockwood Lester
Lockwood Miss Lillie J
Loehr W T
Logan Miss Caroline
Lones J H
Loney Elizabeth (widow Richard)
Loney S E
Long Cathern (widow Joel)
Long Frank
Long Mrs L P
Longacre H E
Longacre James E
Longacre John
Loomis I E
Loveday Thomas
Lovell Miss Hannah
Lovell Mrs Ann (widow)
Lowery Albert A
Loyd George
Loyd Jane (widow Thomas)
Loyd Wm
Ludy Levanna E (widow Ephram)
Ludy Miss Rena
Lutes John
Lutes Newton
Mabie Dallas
Mabie Oscar L
Magee Herman
Magee Miss Addie
Magee Miss Nellie
Magee Perry
Maggert Kirt
Maggert Perry
Maish Wilbur F
Makely J H
Malone Miss Mary
Manly Annie (widow Samuel)
Manly F B
Manly Mary A (widow john)
Manly Morgan
Manly S F
Mannis George B
Mannis U S
Mannis William
Mansfield Henry J
Manville Charles
Marker John
Markwood Chas
Markwood Miss E D
Marshall Mrs Minnie
Matthews Al W
Matthews Miss Dollie
Matthews O H
Mauzy Robert
May Cordila (widow john)
May Dennis
May George
Mayfield J W
Mayfield M H
McAlpine E J
McArthur John
McCarter A C
McCauley Frank
McCauley Garney
McCauley Mary J (widow Enos)
McCauley Miss S R
McCauley N A (widow J H)
McCollough J C
McComb Miss Bertha
McComb Noah A
McConnell Frank
McConnell George
McConnell J D
McConnell J W
McConnell Miss Ida
McConnell N B
McCormick Miss Zella
McCowan Archie
McCoy L (widow)
McDonald William
McFall D
McGinley Miss Clara
McGinnis Miss Lora
McGinnis Robert
McGowan Geo A
McGrady Miss Annie
McKane Daniel
McKenna Miss Mary
McKinley L B
McKinsie George
McKrill James W
McKrill Russell
McPherson Miss Abbie
Mercer French
Mershon A J
Messick Miss Dullie
Meyer G
Meyer S
Middleton John D
Milice & Son Meat Market
Milice Arthur O
Milice Capt A S
Milice E O
Milice Ed E
Milice H C
Milice James
Milice Miss Alta B
Milice Miss Cyntha
Milice Miss Metta
Milice Myron M
Milice Phoebe E (widow Nelson)
Milice Wm C
Miller Annie G (widow Jacob)
Miller Elmer
Miller Fred
Miller Harry W
Miller James W
Miller Joseph A
Miller Lucinda (widow Henry)
Miller Mary A (widow Samuel)
Miller Miss Jessie
Miller Mrs James
Miller O C
Miller Peter
Miller R F
Miller Rev J S
Miller Simon
Miller Solomon
Miller Tutt
Mills Fred A
Mills Miss Emma
Miltonberger John
Miltonberger John Jr
Miltonberger Miss Anna
Miltonberger Miss Bina
Miltonberger Miss Millie
Mineer Miss Ida
Miner Mary (widow Norman L)
Minturn W O
Mitter Miss Lizzie
Monoquet Flour and Feed Store
Monteith C P
Moon E F
Moon Edward
Moon George
Moon George R
Moon John A
Moon Miss isabella
Moore Alex
Moore Frank
Moore George H
Moore Miss Maud
Moore Miss Zula
Moran A B
Moran M E
Moran Miss Frank
Moreland A E
Moreland N B
Morgan Patsey
Morgan T H
Moro F
Moro Miss Ida
Moro Miss Lizzie E
Moro Miss Mary C
Morris B Q
Morris B Q, Bookstore
Morris C F
Morris George M
Morris I J
Morris Judson B
Morris M
Morrison Charles
Mowry W S
Mulford Adam
Mulford Jane (widow David)
Mumaw Martin W
Mumaw Percy
Munsell Charley
Munsell Elizabeth (widow Elihne)
Munsell Frank
Murphy M J
Murray Mrs Ella
MusCroft Albert L
MusCroft James S
MusCroft Miss Daisy B
MusCroft Miss Lotta E
Musselman F J
Mye Chas F
Myers E B
Myers Fred
Myers George W
Myers Silas
Myers Wesley
Neer Louisa (widow William)
Neer Roland
Nees Charles
Neff A J
Neff Charles
Neff Emanuel
Neff Frank
Neff Martha J (widow David)
Neff Miss Carrie
Neff Nelson
Neff William
Neil Edward J
Nelson David H
Nelson Joseph
Nelson Matthew
Nelson Miss Lizzie H
Nelson Miss Maggie
Nelson Miss Mary W
Nelson Robert W
Netter & Meyers, meat market
Netter H
Nichols D P
Nichols Edward
Nichols Edward A
Nichols John E
Nichols Philip
Nieman John
Nieman Miss Emma
Noel William
Nord Hans
Nugent Wesley
Nute Samuel
Nutt Frank
Nutt Hester A (widow Nelson)
Nutt Mrs Louisa
Nye D W
Nye Edward E
Nye James
Nye John L
Nye John R & Sons, groceries
Nye Miss Bertha E
Nye Miss Clara
Nye Miss Lillie
Nye Miss Nellie
Nye Mrs Mary A
Nye Thos J
Nye William B
Sholl Ambrose, propr Monoquet Flour and Feed Store
Stuart T C, agent for Liverpool, London and Globe Ins Co
Trish Bros., Buggies, Wagons, and Harness
Weaver J L, agent Michigan Mutual Life Ins Co

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